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Hello~ :D
GADZOOKS!Collapse )
Hello Darlings!

I would like to make it clear that if you don't write something under 'tell us a little bit about yourself' from now on, I will not give you a stamp.

The type of person you are effects a lot: How you stand, the vibe you give off, your facial expressions, even the usual shape of your mouth and eyes and so on.

Yes, what a newsflash! What you're like effects WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE! :D

I'm not asking you to write a novel. Just something like 'Mostly optomistic, cheerful, but occasionally over-sensitive' or something.

I'm pretty sure I didn't say that question was optional.

Also, please put your pictures in the entry instead of posting links, unless you really don't know how.


Love, Piichi.
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We'll see if it's so easy...Collapse )
I'm the second to be rated!Collapse )
I'm the first to be voted on!!! XD Go me! 8DCollapse )

Thanks, everyone! I'm so happy I found this! 8D

Hello from Peach-mod of mario_mirror and mario_rating!

Thank you for joining our newest community.
Please check the user-info before you make a post!

Good luck on your applications.
Have fun and enjoy!

Love, Piichi.