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Hello~ :D

Tahnee. :D

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
I'm part of a group of friends at my school who are a bunch of nerds who love video games. I love it! Unfortunately they're a bit dim. I like my other friends (who also like video games, but go to my old school) better. :D I'm also addicted to Wario Ware: Smooth Moves.

...And your style / fashion sense?:
Guys t-shirts and pants. Skirts occasionally, but I just have no real fashion sense. I'm boring, kay? D:

Post at least one recent headshot:
Ignore that this is in my bathroom and I am SURROUNDED BY TOWELS. D: This was like, a week or two ago.

Post at least one recent full-body shot:

I'm in the middle. :D Those are the friends who did my hair. This was in like October though, but my body type didn't change or anything, so...
Naruto fans will understand the pose. =D

(Optional) Post some older pictures:
This isn't really that old- August? But my hair = ugly. I'm standing on the edge of my bed, and I don't remember why. D:

I have evolved a lot from last summer. I am no longer a Kakashi fangirl. ._.; I wanted to hug a Luigi that was there... unfortunately I couldn't catch up with him.

Take a picture of yourself right now and post it. Or, if you can not possibly do so, describe to us what you're wearing and what you look like right now:
I haven't showered yet, so this is out of the question xD! I'm wearing that orange tanktop from the first picture, and my homemade Pikachu pajama pants. =D My hair is the same as the top picture as well- if a bit faded. Like I said, I'm really messy and gross right now so no pictures. D:

Anything else you'd like to say?:
I don't know. I'm really curious as to who people will vote me as!
I kinda see Daisy. XD!