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Name/Nickname: Mikki (That's Mike E! 8D)
Gender: Female! 83
Age: 17, baby! ;D

Tell us a little bit about yourself: OK! 8D I'm a happy person who loves going online and playing video games. I love having fun and I dream all the time.

...And your style / fashion sense?: My fashion sense is casual. I wear t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers mostly. When it's winter, I wear sweatpants and hoodies. In summer, I wear capries and tank tops with flip flops! 8D

Post at least one recent headshot:

Post at least one recent full-body shot:

Me on Halloween! XD Is it OK? I'm on the left. I'm not cosplaying, I went as a Lady Samurai! 8D

(Optional) Post some older pictures:
Just one! 83

Take a picture of yourself right now and post it. Or, if you can not possibly do so, describe to us what you're wearing and what you look like right now: Hahaha, well, I look like a nerd who's getting ready for bed. I'm wearing glasses, and am in my pajamas, which are a red t-shirt with plad green pants. I have a blanket aroung me, my hair is wet from the shower, and I have headphones on connected to my laptop. XD

Anything else you'd like to say?: Nope, I'm good! 8)

Thanks, everyone! I'm so happy I found this! 8D
This one was tough for me, and you had a lot of qualities of different characters, like I saw a little bit of Toad and Vivian, actually, but not enough to say, hey, you look like them!

So in conclusion, I'd say if Daisy and Luigi had a lovechild, you could be it.
I really get a strong Luigi vibe. I think it's the shape of your face.
I agree, I see this definite Luigi vibe from you