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Mario Mirrror - Who's your look-alike?

Hello Everyone, and Welcome to mario_mirror!

Don't forget to visit our sister community, mario_rating!

Please post your applications under an LJ cut.
- Please do not post any cosplay pictures, especially of Mario characters.
- Please post at least three pictures, as specified on the actual application.
- Please type "Just like that!" in the headline of your post so we know you read the rules.

- Please vote for at least five other people, and continue to vote after you are stamped!
- Please bold your deciding vote so that we can easily pick it out.
- Please only vote each person as up to two characters.

- Please do NOT vote people certain characters for one-dimensional reasons, such as voting a female applicant as a character that looks nothing like her because they both have long hair and are girls. Take into consideration face shape, build, and anything else that makes them look like a certain character instead of just voting every blonde girl as Peach.
- On the same topic, there are not many human characters in Mario. You may vote people as non-human characters; be creative and innovative! For example, if someone is short and cute and maybe a little pudgy, they could be Toad!

- After five or more votes with at least three of the same vote, you will be stamped as the character the majority voted you as.

- Please be kind. Bashing, fighting, flaming, and intolerance is not tolerated here.
Ha... intolerance is not tolerated... XD

It's Luigi...



Tell us a little bit about yourself:
(This question is not optional.)

...And your style / fashion sense?:

Post at least one recent headshot:
(Please post the pictures in the entry instead of posting a link (if you know how). Thank you!)

Post at least one recent full-body shot:

(Optional) Post some older pictures:

Take a picture of yourself right now and post it. Or, if you can not possibly do so, describe to us what you're wearing and what you look like right now:

Anything else you'd like to say?:

Thank you!

Stamped Members:
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If you would like to be an affiliated with Mario_Mirror, please send us an email at Mario_rating@yahoo.com, or comment on a moderator post!

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